Underfloor heating

About the Room

Big, spacious room in Casa Fumanal that offers a modern, rustic aesthetic for your time with us. The exposed brick on the walls and wood beams in the ceiling are captivating and show off the hotels uniqueness. This room is designed by Carlos Cebollero and Esperanza Rambla. The room has lots of space in its cabinet to store your personal belongings and whatever you bring when you stay with us. There is big, extremely comfortable bed to come back to in order to get plenty of rest after a long day. In addition, this room has a balcony with views over the surroundings of Abizanda.  This room has its own bathroom with a walk-in shower to get ready for the day or end your day in peace. 

Check-in: from 15:00* 

Check-out: till 11:00*

*Applies for all rooms. Can request late-check in, late check-out for a small fee. 

About the Designers: Carlos Cebollero and Esperanza Rambla

The neat room, where clarity matches perfectly with the moving hydraulic mosaic's organic forms. Let's wash our hands as gently as we feed our children, look for mirrors in hidden doors, close the dream's closet and let the embracing atmosphere take us. Artists: Carlos Cebollero and Esperanza Rambla. 

- Abizanda view balcony

- Junior signature room.