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About the Room

"The Autumnal Love Nest"

Imaging waking up and directly have a stunning view over the beautiful surroundings of Abizanda. This all is reality from the Nido room in Casa Fumanal. Designed by Sergio Mora, this room has almost everything you could wish for. Rest on your bed, read a book from the chair or prepare yourself for the day in the bathroom. 

Check-in: from 15:00*

Check-out: till 11:00*

*Applies for all rooms. Can request late check-in, late check-out for a small fee.

About the Artist: Sergio Mora

From Barcelona, Spain, Sergio Mora is a painter, illustrator, and craftsman. He has been featured at the Latin Grammy Awards, has worked with Gucci, featured in Jose Andres restaurants in Miami, and worked alongside Phillipe Starck for a restaurant in New York. Mora’s work is known for embracing postmodernity and away from common aesthetics. His work encourages and strengthens the convictions of youth, while creating something different from the mainstream. 

He is described by Jose Andres: “In the kaleidoscopic world of Sergio Mora, nothing is what it seems to be. It is a continuous blink of the eye in the realm of the impossible.”

The cabin room that welcomes you asking nothing in return, in which lovers prune their love nest to comfort and meet themselves again, while the swamp monster has a lively talk with the visiting flying saucer and the Abominable Snowman enchantedly smiles waiting to get out of his canvas log and the Birdman rests from his woodcutter job. 

- Abizanda-view windows.