Heating and underfloor heating

About the Room

 Come take a look at this double bed room. This bright and welcoming room features a big, comfortable bed, private bathroom, plenty of storage space, and underfloor heating! The room has a double bad, bathroom and a bathtub with shower. The exposed wood in the ceilings showcase the character of the building. In the bathroom, there is spacious bathtub and rainfall shower head. Thanks to its white and pink color this room really owes it's name 'La Sweet'. Don't forget to take a look outside and enjoy the wonderful views from the balcony. 

Check-in: from 15.00*

Check-out: till 11.00*

*Applies for all rooms. Can request late check-in, late check-out for a small fee.

About the Artist: Lusesita

Lusesita is Laura Lasheras, one of the leading ceramic artists from Spain. Her signature style is known as being poetic and pastel with an eerie touch. Her inspiration is from ancient pottery and African art, creating something that is both filled with sweet romanticism and creepy senses. This room explicates her exact style, filled with innocent pastel tones and mischievously macabre details. 

The sweet room, where beautifully-faced, dressed in laces and pads young girls watch over your sleep and restore your inner body. This sweet place helps us to love and be loved, making us want to return, presenting us with pink treats to be hidden under the pillow, waiting for them to become kissable toads if one day we want so. 

- Swamp-view balcony

- Junior Plus signature room.