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About the Room

Moddern, minimalist bedroom with double bed and own bathroom. This space offers everything you may need, including a large, comfortable bed, a bathtub, walk-in shower, plenty of storage, and a bench with table to sit and enjoy your time in the room. There is also a private balcony to walk out and enjoy the view. This room brings together the modern design and rustic aesthetic of the house to offer something completely different from any other room. In the bathroom, the bathtub is wonderful to fully relax in. There is plenty of counter space and storage space in the bathroom as well to fully enjoy the space. This very simple and sleek bedroom is designed by Fer González Solà where you will be able to focus on what really matters in this peaceful space.

Check-in: from 15:00* 

Check-out: till 11:00*

*Applies for all rooms. Can request a late check-in, late check-out for a small fee.

Artist: Fer González Solà 

The comfort room, where you'll wish to spend your entire life without wearing yourself out, as it has everything you like. A tribute to white, in harmony with the old Casa Fumanal's stone that got herself a hipster girlfriend she is really crazy for. Welcome to trendiness, minimalism and to the personal imagery of pure geometry. 

- Abizanda-view windows

- Superior signature room.